Monday Class, Session Recap: Aligning Business Goals

photo 1How do you begin to identify your Social Media & PR Strategy?

You need to first identify your client’s business goal within a relative time frame. Ask them, what are are your business goals within the next 3 to 6 months or within the year? Your clients will not know much about the concepts we’re learning in class when it comes to social media objectives but they will most likely understand their business goals.

photo 4 photo 3 photo 2They will most likely like to begin talking about the tools. But as many of you know, your social media strategy is not about the tools, its about building relationships. As a PR strategist, your job is to help them understand that your work starts with identifying their needs and goals as a business, then defining your strategy and then aligning your objectives. Only then can you identify the tools and tactics to best implement to reach for success.

For instance, a client can can express that they want customers to “buy more cakes” during a down season in winter–this is a desired action goal they want audiences / potential customers to do. From this, you can rationalize the business goal for their social media & PR strategy as a sales goal. You can then use the “alignment chart” to define their strategy as a “Rallying” strategy that will require the following objectives: to listen, to talk and engage, and to energize audiences. Once these are defined, you can then creatively define tools and tactics for each objective as a campaign. Finally you must define the metrics to determine the success of the campaigns.

Download the lecture here:

Session4-1 PDF | Session4-1 Powerpoint

Concepts and things talked about in class

  • Review of the midterm rubric. Download Social Media midterm rubric
  • Review of client business goal, objectives, strategy and tools and tactics alignment process.
  • Review of discovery research formulation and question develop

Homework Assignments Due for next week

  • Read Chapter 4 of the Groundswell and provide a response on your own blog. Email me the link to your response
  • Finalize your client questionnaire & conduct an informal audit of client’s online communications
  • Turn in your Client Agreement Form

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